What we do

Threefold calling


Based on biblical-christian values we help people to develop their personality and skills - so they can take and fill their place in society, church or world missions. Training, relationship oriented discipleship and practical application of what you´ve learned is an inseparable combination for us.


We deliver the message of Jesus Christ in a relevant and contemporary way, so that people of today can understand and receive it. Our team is out and about regularly to connect and have encounters of eternal value.

Mercy Ministries
Mercy Ministries

Making God known has practical implications. Following Jesus` example of compassion, we provide relief and hope to people in need. Our goal is to ease suffering for those affected by poverty, disease or injustice.


Students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. The season of studies is a special one in young people´s lives, a time of orientation. We support them to take their place in the Kingdom of God and influence their sphere of society.

Building bridges to France

We are located about just 30 km from the french border. Through the course of history the Alsace region has been conquered by Germany several times. We strengthen relationships and build bridges to our neighboring country. Enemies in the past, but friends today!

Redlight ministry

Women working in prostitution are often at the outskirts of society. Many come from Eastern Europe to support their families back home. God loves them so much and we show them his love.


We love the partnership we have with the house of prayer in our city. We nourish these relationships and believe that the mission- and the prayerhousemovement need to pull together.


… means to show how God is. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. People need to hear these news, thats why we are on the streets.

Seminars and teachings

… can be key moments in people´s lives. Personal revelation leads to change. We long for our guests to have those revelation moments, that draw them closer to God in their everyday life.

Alumni meetings

Around five million people have been in touch with YWAM since the beginning. Most of them haven´t joined as full time staff. They are spread over society, building the Kingdom of God. We support them through regular gatherings.