Outreach in Freiburg?

Opportunities for outreach

Are you looking for a outreach location for your DTS team or for another ministry? We love to connect with teams from all around the world. Just get in contact with us through the contact form.

Three borders

Freiburg is the perfect location for you to bless and reach out to three countries. Freiburg is located only 30 km from France and 60 km from Switzerland.


Evangelism in a city is way more than just handing out tracks and playing the guitar (even though people on the streets of Freiburg love music). The love of God is too precious to enjoy it alone. Let us talk with you about your ideas for outreach and share with you the options we also currently have.


Do you have a more practical nature? Painting walls, conducting program for children, serving churches, clearing trash, etc. There are many service project possibilities here that we’d love to have your help with.