City Worship Focus DTS
SEP 2019 - MAR 2020

  • DTS is a greenhouse - everything grows faster!

City Worship Focus DTS

God is moving here in Freiburg, so why not come and be a part of it! Our City Worship Focus DTS reflects the creative heartbeat of God here in Freiburg. Boasting a population of 225,000 people, Freiburg is certainly full of life. With the mountainous backdrop, the surrounding Black Forest and unique canals running through the city centre, Freiburg is a popular destination for tourists and it’s 33,000 students. Here is where your City Worship Focus DTS begins!

Worship changes atmospheres – it makes a way for His Presence. This DTS is a call to those who wish to be discipled in an environment that enjoys to honour the name of Jesus in fresh, deep, honest and expressive ways. As a student you will bring your part to the table, learning and exploring what it looks like to collectively worship God with other students who are on that same journey.


Your Next Step!

Whether you are stepping up, stepping out or stepping further into His Presence, we encourage those with worshipping hearts from all backgrounds and levels of experience to apply.

During lecture phase in Freiburg, whether it be on the streets, in the park, or in one of the many live venues here, you will have opportunities to adventurously express your love for God! Collectively as DTS students, you have the space here in Freiburg to transpose all that God reveals to you in lecture phase and take it together to the nations during your outreach phase. Your collective worship on outreach will be defined by your experience of God here at City Worship Focus, Freiburg.



A heart that is ready to worship God!

A desire to enter into discipleship and a missional live-learn environment.

Ability to worship as part of a team, whether singing, rapping, poetry, playing an instrument, or creating and communicating an atmosphere of worship through art and design.


What is a DTS?

A DTS (Discipleship Training School) is a 6 month full-time course. In the first three months, the students will receive intensive teaching from excellent international speakers. The second phase will be a missional outreach.

A DTS will help you to deepen your relationship with God, to discover your talents, and to take your place in God’s plan for the world. You will be challenged to embrace other cultures, to let your character be shaped, and to make God known!

Every DTS is designed so that students can discover God with others in a live-learn missional environment, sharing life-changing experiences and pursuing God together. Be prepared to share this amazing journey with others just like you!


Here are some core topics covered during our lecture phase:

–  The Bible
–  Worship
–  The father heart of God
–  Hearing God’s voice
–  Worship and Intercession
–  Holy Spirit
–  Missions/ Evangelism 

Target group: 18 – 30+

Expected school dates: September 2019 – March 2020 (to be confirmed)


–  lecture phase 2000€
–  Outreach 2000€, depending on location
–  30€ application fee*

DTS Application Documents

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* Your school fees include all tuition, housing, meals, teaching materials and transport during the school. Not included are transport to and from the DTS, and potential expenses for visas, vaccinations, and personal items. Note that there is a 30€ application fee, that is non-refundable.


The discipleship training school is not only a special learning time in your life but it is also the entry point into YWAM’s University of the Nations and potential staffing positions with one of YWAM’s many bases. Upon completion of your DTS you will receive 24 credits towards any further UofN studies.

Weren’t our hearts burning?