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Mountain DTS


What is a DTS?

You’re about to embark on an adventure with God that will change your life. In six intense months, you will learn about God and yourself, experience different cultures and learn what it means to truly follow Jesus.

A discipleship training school (or DTS) is a full-time programme that consists of two parts: lecture phase and outreach phase. In the lecture phase, you will learn more about God and His world. You’ll learn not only from lectures but also from community living and practical training. The outreach phase focuses on applying what you learned during lecture phase through an intense, cross-cultural experience.


The Mountain DTS: Our Vision for this School

Mountains have always inspired people to worship. Jesus often went on a mountain to seek his father. We want to be people who seek God and make Him the centre of our lives! The Mountain DTS is an outdoor adventure DTS that will give you a taste of a range of outdoor activities. Because we believe that outdoor adventure and discipleship is a perfect combination, we have developed the vision of the Mountain DTS.

In this school we will spend a lot of time in the mountains and nature, learning about God, ourselves and each other in the beautiful, but challenging surrounding of His wonderful creation.


Lecture Phase

During the first three months of your DTS, we will take you on a journey into the heart of the Father. You will get to know God like you never have as you get the opportunity to get real about your questions and your fears, your struggles and your scars, your hopes and your dreams. Doing these things in a loving and accepting community, you’ll have deep and meaningful fellowship with your fellow students from all around the world. We want you to leave the DTS as a changed person who is equipped for the life that God is calling you into.

Each week will focus on a specific topic, such as…

  • Listening to God’s Voice
  • The Fatherheart of God
  • Identity and Inner Healing
  • Body, Soul, and Spirit
  • Intercession
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Worldview
  • Evangelism & Missions
  • Finding your Calling

You will be taught by outstanding teachers from all over the world. The teaching will take place inside a normal classroom, but we will also be a lot in God’s creation, combining the teaching with the experience of being in the mountains. We have built a number of outdoor and experiential learning activities into our school that are meant to go hand in hand with the DTS curriculum to help you grow spiritually, mentally and physically. Apart from the outdoor activities mentioned below, we will also spend some of our lecture phase on mountain cabins in an environment that will help you focus on God and yourself.

During lecture phase, you will also learn how to share God’s love with others through local and maybe even international outreach.


Outreach Phase

Do you like the simplicity of living of what you carry in a backpack? The outdoor part of our school will prepare you to go to hard-to-reach places in the mountain ranges of the world. The journey will be an adventure in itself. You’ll encounter breathtaking beauty and find friends, but you’ll also encounter suffering and brokenness. Seeing the world through God’s eyes is life-changing. This is the time for you to share what you have received throughout lecture phase. You may get the opportunity to share the gospel with fellow backpackers during a hike or be the first to introduce Jesus to an isolated mountain community.


Outdoor Activities

Situated close to both France and Switzerland, we can take full advantage of our proximity to the Alps. Typical activities range from hiking in the Black Forest to multi-day camping trips in the Alps.
If possible you will also experience the thrill of outdoor activities such as caving, canyoning or rafting. And it’s not only about fun with these things, we see them as another foundational way to learn more about our faith, God and ourselves.



Most of the lecture phase and the final weeks after outreach will take place at our training centre in Freiburg. Freiburg is a lively university city in the south of Germany, a place popular with tourists because of its beautiful medieval centre. Surrounded by vineyards and blessed with a sunny climate, it has an almost Mediterranean touch. As we’re so close to France and Switzerland, outdoor opportunities abound. We feel blessed living in such a beautiful city… it’s hard not to fall in love with it!


Practical Information


Fitness level required

This is not a mountaineering school, it is first of all a DTS. Previous outdoor experience will be a benefit, but it is not a requirement. If you have no previous experience, we will teach you the necessary skills.

However, you will need to be physically and mentally prepared to participate in the school. There’s a good chance you’ll be dealing with things like heights, enclosed spaces, extreme weather, carrying a full backpack for days, hiking on rough terrain, and possibly some activities having to do with water. So as long as you are physically and mentally able to participate, don’t worry – we will provide the adventure!


Personal equipment

As this is still a new school, we are still in the process of buying group equipment such as tents and cooking gear. We do not require you to bring all these items, but if you can bring some group equipment, that would be very helpful.

Each student will be required to bring some of their own personal gear. This will include items such as a backpack (designed for multiple-day trips), four-season sleeping bag, camping mat, rain gear, and hiking boots. This equipment will need to be good quality, designed for an alpine environment, and still in good working order. Note that this list isn’t exhaustive – a more comprehensive list will be included in your information packet should you apply for and be accepted to the school.


School dates: 11th of June 2019 till 1st of December 2019

Expected school fees*:

  • Lecture Phase incl. Outdoor Activities (13 weeks) – 3800 €
  • Outreach Phase (12 weeks) – ca. 2,500 € incl. Flight


Application Documents



* Your school fees include all tuition, housing, meals, teaching materials, transport and outdoor activities during the school. Not included are transport to and from the DTS, and potential expenses for visas, vaccinations and personal items. Note that there is a 50 € application fee, that will be deducted from your school fees, and, once you have been accepted into the school, is non-refundable.


This DTS is a University of the Nations registered course. The UofN is part of Youth with a Mission. A successfully completed DTS is a prerequisite to all other UofN training schools, degree programs and to work long term with YWAM.