Our Beautiful City

aBout Freiburg

Freiburg is located in the south-west corner of Germany, in the so-called “border triangle,” where the Rhine river forms borders with France and Switzerland, making it a strategic location for trade, tourism and missions alike. The city sits between the thick wooded mountains of the Black Forest, and the fertile, sunny vineyards of the “Kaiserstuhl.”

tHE green city

Freiburg is international recognized for being the Green City,” referring to a high standard of environmental awareness and eco-friendly living. Famous inventions in solar technology and many research institutes contribute to that reputation. Still the city maintains a cozy feel, having 225.000 residents, and with a large student population, is also a buzzing, vibrant place.


This is actually the first reason why we started pioneering here with YWAM. Some years ago, the Lord spoke to YWAM Germany about reaching the major university cities. YWAM Freiburg is one of the responses to this vision. We started in 2012, as a small team of three.


With a rich history, Freiburg was founded by the Zähringer noble family in 1,120 A.D. as a free-market town. The name “Freiburg” means free (frei) or independent borough (Burg). Due to the easily accessible location for transport and the discovery of silver, the power and wealth of Freiburg grew quickly.