Our Vision

When God made us, He created us in His own image. He made each of us so unique to reflect every facet of His character and being. We all have different gifts, talents and passions. Discovered or still undiscovered gifts are also slumbering within you and are waiting for their unfolding to glorify their creator.It is God’s heart and will that diverse people come together in a united love for Jesus to discover, to encourage, to challenge and to grow what God has put in them. This is the reason why we run a DTS with two tracks! We want to see how young people find a safe place for them to learn about their identity in God and are being transformed in His presence as they as well grow and learn about their passions for Outdoors, Creativity and Worship to bring the best message of the world to the world! Choose your track now and be part of a journey that will change your life!


In this school you choose whether you want to grow and be challenged in the field of outdoor or creativity/worship. Our staff have a big heart for the particular subjects and will take you deeper into your heart topic at specific times during the week. Even though we have two tracks God has clearly spoken about oneness in this school, so we will have lectures and most of the other activities and city outreaches together.


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Outdoor Experience

Nature is our passion. We know that the adventures and challenges that we face outdoors can facilitate personal growth and new ways to encounter God…


Nature is our passion. We know that the adventures and challenges that we face outdoors can facilitate personal growth and new ways to encounter God.

We want to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities God placed right around our doorstep.

We love to do the extraordinary and be living testimonies to reach people in all the places God takes us.


During the lecture phase you will be based in the beautiful city of Freiburg, where you will share most of the teaching with the students from the Creative Worship Track.

In our Track time we will have two emphasis:

1 - Growing as a team and as individuals through team challenges, sport and fitness.

2 - Spending time in the outdoors and focusing on getting to know God more and making Him known.

For the second aspect we plan to do various activities like hiking, camping, mountain biking, climbing… all in the amazing Black Forest, and very likely in Switzerland.

This track is for you if you:

  • Like to be challenged
  • Are not a couch potato
  • Love to be outside, no matter if it’s sunny, raining or snowing
  • Are ready for adventures
  • Want to get to know God through the outdoors
Creative Worship Track
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Worship changes atmospheres – it makes a way for His Presence. This track is a call to those who wish to be discipled to honor the name of Jesus in fresh, deep, and expressive ways.


‘Rivers of worship, flowing into Freiburg and out to the Nations’ - Psalm 46:4

Worship is an expression of love. Jesus loves us so much that he poured out his life so that as sons and daughters of the King we can now enjoy access to the Father. Over the past three years here in YWAM Freiburg we have enjoyed listening to God’s call to make a space for worshipers and creators to grow and respond in love to Jesus. What an incredible journey it has been, and we are just getting started!

The Call

Dancers, painters, musicians, producers, poets, designers, performers - we invite you to join us on this DTS!

Whatever your creativity ability or worship experience, we invite you to come and enjoy pouring out your passionate worship with us to Jesus. Worship is a heart expression, so you just need a heart that is willing to open up an show us what God has put inside of you! 

Of course we won’t make you try new things, but why not just go for it? We encourage you to come and step outside of your comfort zone to go in worship with Jesus to places that you have never been. Our staff team will provide a encouraging and healthy environment for students to try new things out and also sharpen your strengths and passions. Will do a 'new thing' with us?


On the Creative Worship Track you will have teaching and interactive workshops once a week, such as Creative Art, Songwriting, Creative Social Media, Dance, Street Art and other exciting opportunities to discover the depths of worship.

On base there will be time for worship and creative practice. We will also head out of Freiburg to be inspired by creative art in the region. We have a PA system with mics, keyboard, piano, guitars, cajon, canvases, art materials, and lot’s of space! We also have access to a local dance studio.

Are you ready to learn and explore worship together in the city, by the rivers and lakes, in the hills, and out into the Nations?

Creators - come and find your fire!

School LIfe

During the lecture phase you and your fellow students will learn about God’s ways, character and works. Different speakers from different nations and cultural backgrounds will teach you and show you new perspectives based on personal experience. You will also be able to reflect and apply what you have learned through smallgroup time, personal conversations and mentorship, as well as through practical activities. You will live in close fellowship with your students and staff, encouraging and challenging each other and seeking God’s heart together in worship and intercession.

core topics

  • The Bible
  • The father heart of God
  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Worship and Intercession
  • Holy Spirit
  • Missions/Evangelism
Read More about our teaching topics here: About the DTS


During the time of outreach, we consciously want to apply what we have learned, not in our familiar environment, but in a place that challenges us to step out of our comfort zone. We believe that it is God’s desire that all people and nations experience His love and get to know Him, which is why we have committed ourselves to bring His message to the world. During this time you will be confronted with new places, cultures and religions and through your talents you will pass on God’s love to the people and as a result you will grow yourself. In the lecture phase you will find out in which nations we will do the outreach, because we as a school want to ask God together what is on his heart. Get ready for an adventure!


15. September 2024 - 15. March 2025



Regular school fees for 14 weeks of lecture: 2.300€

Worship track costs: 200€

(includes material costs, excursions etc.)

Outdoor track costs: 600€

(includes all outdoor activities, transport etc.)

*Your school fees include all tuition, housing, meals, teaching materials and transport during the school. Not included are transport to and from the DTS, and potential expenses for visas, vaccinations, and personal items. Note that there is a 30€ application fee, that is non-refundable and non-deductible.


1-2 weeks missions trip and 8 weeks main outreach:

ca. 3000 - 3500€ incl. flights

(The final price for the outreach depends on the location and the related transportation and accommodation costs)



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      The discipleship training school is not only a special learning time in your life but it is also the entry point into YWAM’s University of the Nations and potential staffing positions with one of YWAM’s many bases. Upon completion of your DTS you will receive 24 credits towards any further UofN studies.

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