Testimony MTN DTS Daniella

Wild. God calls the wild and God calls the adventurers! Mountain DTS has allowed me to dive into a deeper relationship with God, to question in a safe place and to see myself in the identity that God gave me.


“There is more.” I knew it but I didn`t know how to get it. I had a certain view of myself and had habits I didn`t like – and I didn`t know why I did them! I felt trapped.


On DTS I layed myself down to God, and I encountered the holy spirit like never before! Regularly the holy spirit would fill me with an overwhelming, familiar and destructive emotion, followed by a memory which was the root of the lie I was now living out of.


Ever so gently, the holy spirit started to transform my heart.


He set me free from the destructive lies I believed about myself and He built me back up with his truth. God moves where we make room for Him, DTS is a time for you and God. Space for you to discover more about the Father`s heart and grow in your relationship with him.


YWAM Freiburg is an incredibly welcoming base filled with people with a passion to know God and make Him known! They love and invest in all of the students; this is particularly highlighted with one-on-ones.


YWAM Freiburg is ideal for active people, during free time you`d often find the students at the local gym or at See Park – perfect for running and open water swimming! As well as this there are lots of nearby cafes, thriving churches and a beautiful city surrounded by hill scenery.


Daniella, 18, England
Mountain DTS Graduate 2018