Testimony MTN DTS Robert

MDTS was just the beginning of the rest of my life with Jesus as the Lord of my life.


When I left for MDTS, I didn’t know what to expect. I went on MDTS because I needed to step away from my everyday life and refocus on God.


What I didn’t realize was that God would dive so deeply into me when I committed the time to Him!


During MDTS, God came right up alongside me and showed me so many things about myself, the faith that I was living, and the lifestyle I was coming from. He went deeper than my surface issues and worked on the issues of my Heart. Through this, Jesus showed me the way out of my anxiety issues and into the path of sonship.

He showed how I can step out in faith, and he’ll always be there to catch me. He also showed me how spending time with Him brings about crazy growth and how important it is to spend time with Him daily.


For me MDTS was just the beginning, but I am so thankful that I was able to start with the crazy adventure of MDTS and see for the first time what my passion for the outdoors looks like when I dedicate it to Jesus!


Robert, 20, USA
Mountain DTS Graduate 2018