Joanna | United DTS 2020

“DTS has taken my relationship with Jesus to a whole new level.
In the teaching phase, I have learned so much about God and my identity as a child of God. He has given me new revelations about His love that has brought me closer to His heart again. My faith has become more and more firm as a result.
The fellowship in the team has also helped to encourage me to keep seeking more of God. We often went through similar processes, were able to grow together, share new revelations, and had a lot of fun!
Through the Creative Worship track, I was newly inspired to use my talents and gifts that God has put in me. So I started writing songs, painting, singing, dancing, and understanding the Bible in a whole new way. Before that, I often felt that my potential was not enough or good enough. But God did not stop speaking to me and over time it became easier and easier to hear God’s voice and to trust Him. Especially during the outreach, the trust deepened because I could experience how faithful God is.
It was such a transformative, intense and valuable time and I would recommend it to anyone to do a Discipleship Training School!”

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