Laura N. | United DTS 2020

“Be a Child.
To get to know God better I came to the DTS in Freiburg and I learned to listen to His voice. I also got to know myself better – my personality and what makes me me.
I experienced how God took me on a journey during the DTS that started with just BEING: I am simply allowed to be. My value is not dependent on what I do, because God has defined my value from the beginning. I am allowed to rest and I am loved unconditionally. I am enough.
And the journey went on to BEING A CHILD: What that means I was able to observe very practically with a little girl – how she is simply dependent on her mother and seeks confirmation from her, not from others.
I realized that I am God’s daughter and I started to have joy again like a child and to try out in a childlike way. I let myself fall into the arms of the Father. I have experienced God as a loving Father, whom I can trust, who takes me in His arms and comforts me, and who assures me of my worth. God takes me by the hand and leads me.”

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