Worship is a Weapon

Lecture Phase

When I started the discipleship training school in Freiburg I had no idea what to expect. In the three months of lectures, I learned so much about the heart of God and about my own identity in Jesus. Each week we had different speakers teaching about different topics and with each week I thought ‘It can’t get deeper or better, I’ve already learned so much!’. But God is much greater than I thought. With each week I experienced God’s radical love and devotion to me through the different sessions in such a fullness which I’ve never experienced until then. Truth that I have heard my entire life in church suddenly slid into my heart and for the first time, the Word of God was so alive to me. I am so grateful for all the amazing speakers that YWAM Freiburg invited!!! It was such an intense time of growth and understanding. I would do it all over again!


Outreach Phase

Outreach was such an intense time! We played and cared for children on the streets, served people in prison, spent time with refugee families and showed love to women in prostitution. We went to churches, served, preached and encouraged Christians. Through that time of just serving, I learned more what it really means to love people with God’s love and to see them through His eyes.

I learned to trust God and depend on Him even more. Several times I was confronted with my own limits and fears but in all of that, I’ve experienced God’s strength and faithfulness in a new way. Jesus worked so much in my heart during that time. I understood that the gospel is complete when we don’t stay with what we’ve heard but when we actually do what Jesus did and reach out to those who are lost. I believe with all my heart that we don’t lack anything when we give our everything for his kingdom.



Worship became a weapon to me. On outreach, I had a deep encounter with God during worship when I decided to praise him despite my doubts. I am definitely not the best musician and singer but I had the privilege to lead worship several times and it is such a beautiful thing to lead people into an encounter with Jesus. In worship, we proclaim God’s greatness and glory whether we can see or feel it or not and that’s so powerful because it takes faith to sing and to praise. When I lost focus, worship was the weapon that refocused and realigned me with God’s heart.



Chrissy, 19, Germany
September DTS Graduate 2018

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  1. Collins

    thank you Chrissy, really moved and touched by what you experienced in HIM.

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